Shared basin, delta, river, area Countries Title of joint project
Mekong Delta Cambodia-Viet Nam Flood management in the border area of Cambodia and Viet Nam in the Mekong Delta for water security and sustainable development
Sesan, Srepok, and Sekong (3S) Basin Cambodia-Lao PDR-Viet Nam Sustainable water resources development and management in the Sekong, Sesan, and Srepok river Basins (3S Basin)
Cambodia-Thai border area (Sub-area 9C-9T) Cambodia-Thailand Transboundary cooperation for flood and drought management in Cambodian-Thai border area – a part of 9C-9T Sub-area
Khone Falls area Cambodia-Lao PDR Cross-border water resources development and management, including environmental impact monitoring of Don Sahong hydropower project
Mekong river Lao PDR-Thailand Lao-Thai safety regulations for navigation between Lao PDR and Thailand